freedom convoy, 2023

for Man Ray, 2023

east from I-91 South 

meditation i, 2023

house building, 2023

no trespassing, 2023

Despite winking at psychoanalysis' most notorious innovator, the images in this portfolio are far more theoretically pedestrian than may first meet the eye, beginning with an analog image, multiplied times four an indecisive moment snapped from life’s vernacularity. While flipping, inverting, rotating, or all of the above each replica will not violate the original shot’s sanctity, whatever meaning it once conveyed its tetraptych dilutes in a formulaic shift from an earthbound perspective to a bird’s-eye view. At what point does aesthetic adventure stumble over semi-unconscious ideological tropes?

Images in this portfolio and this text are subject to change.

master class, 2023

Sitka, AK, 2023

springtime in Byram, 2023

xo, 2023

unlawful, 2023

time &, 2023

narcissism ii, 2023

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